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What is a Virtual Assistant & why do you need one?

A virtual assistant is a remote worker providing a range of services as befits their expertise, to businesses or entrepreneurs. The services are fulfilled by using a range of software tools they provide to enable them to do this effectively, or alternatively logging into your own cloud-based applications to manage tasks for you. Communication can be done via video calls, telephone calls, direct messaging or emails.Virtual assistants are self-employed individuals specialising in a variety of tasks. There are many benefits to hiring a VA, not least to reduce overhead costs.

Lower Salaries And Operating Costs
Hiring a virtual assistant to do ad-hoc tasks which are paid by the hour, rather than an employee who will be paid a salary. This way you only have to pay them for work that’s actually done. Work that is timed to ensure transparency and build trust.

Additionally, as remote self-employed workers, you won’t have to pay for overheads such as internet connection, laptop or even employer-related expenses such as NI or training costs.

Think about it.

When you hire a new employee, a considerable amount of time and resources are invested into training them to do a job. Hiring a VA who is already trained and experienced will save those costs and they can hit the ground running for your business, which in turn helps your business to scale.

Here at Shiala.Digital, we have expertise in a number of areas – please see the services page for more information. Alternatively, please contact us to arrange a no-obligation call to understand your needs and how we can support your business.

About Shiala Digital

I have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience during an extensive career of over 30 years, covering recruitment, office management, graphic design, copywriting, customer service, and marketing.

I have worked with a number of industry leading companies, bringing with me efficiency and experience to deliver solutions in a timely manner.

I will work collaboratively with you to establish your requirements, using strategic problem-solving and delivering the solutions as requested.

Moving forward I will become a reliable partner by anticipating further needs to progress your company’s growth and goals.

I look forward to working with you soon, Karen

Located in Cambridge, UK and working 100% virtually for clients globally

Shiala Digital is located close to Cambridge, UK, however, we work 100% virtually with clients globally and across different timezones.

Client Feedback

“Shiala Digital has been an asset in helping with my branding”

“I used Shiala Digital to help me with a variety of tasks as I started my own business. Karen was amazing every step of the way – whatever I needed help with, she could do. From producing the logo for my business to helping me with graphics for social media, right down to helping me get some basic admin sorted! As a small business owner, being able to pay for only the hours of support I want has been brilliant”

Clare D – Owner, Web Designer & Tech Virtual Assistant at Clare.Digital

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